Word puzzle SKETON

A skeleton-type crossword puzzle where you select words from a list and fill them in.

Experience the unique rotating and filling turn mode.

You can also change the resolution to your liking.

A higher resolution will allow you to view the entire game without scrolling.

The full version is available in both Kana and English versions.


It's a diagonal-scrolling action game where you have to make the cute cat fight to keep it from falling.

- The cat is sweating and jumping hard.

- If you tap twice on the screen, the cat will jump by one. Use this to your advantage.

- On the way, there is a fish block. If you collect fish, you'll get a good luck.

- In addition to the first white cat, there are 10 different kinds of cats you can get as you progress through the game.

- The more games you play, the more you can name the cats and change their colors.