Sound Sense Supplement Series

New app for wind instrument players who are actually bad at tuning" from Akashibu Sheet Music Publishing

The long-awaited tuning app from Akashibumi Sheet Music Publishing, which has released a variety of projects in the wind instrument industry, is now available!

New features not found in traditional tuners will support your music life.

App Description
Tuning is important for wind instruments, but many students have questions and concerns about it. . This app was developed from the standpoint of cognitive science to organize and train the meaning of the sense of sound. It's our first application.

Feature details (app content)

1. Tutorial.

An extensive tutorial with instructions on how to operate the app and how the tuning process works.

2.Brain Tuner

The reference tone of the tuner is the tone of the instrument. You can select instrument-specific reference tones (3 for each). Use the recording function to objectively check your pitches. Based on the tutorial, you can understand how tuning is directly related to music.

3.13 Tone Library

Even if the fingering of a wind instrument is correct, it doesn't always produce the right note. Here, you will be able to check the thirteen main notes of an octave on the spot, without having to use a piano or electronic instrument. You can.

4. monaural hearing

You can check your sense of tone through the process from 1 to 3. Follow the pronounced notes to improve your sense of tone.

5.Rhythm Check

Rhythm and tonality both require the same attention. Here, you can record your own performance and a metronome at the same time to check for rhythmic discrepancies.

Planning and Composition Commentary by Kazutaka Kawai

Produced and written by Akashibu Music Publishing

Selling agency: Ever System Co.