2021 ・Collabolate with Joyfa's digial fashion service as a blockchain app develper.
・Developed and performed a Pracs healthcare note project as a first phase.
(in collaboration with Pracs, I.N.S. and IOST Foundation)
2020 ・Developed and performed a blockchain-based power P2P transaction demonstration experiment (in collaboration with elDesign and IOST Foundation)
2019 ・Spoken at Game Developer Conference "CEDEC 2019" by the founder and a developer.
・Developed and launched the IOS version of the blockchain game "CRYPTONINJA".
・IOST hands-on seminars: at Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Nagoya College of Engineering, Yamaguchi University, (Switzerland) Les Roches University.
・An official partner of the IOST/IOS Foundation, and provides "Free Education Program"
・Developed the enterprise Web system using Blockchain (HyperLedger, IOST)
・Joined the ecosystem of IOST as a Servi node on time the mainnet launched
2018 ・IOST Hand-on seminar: at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Akita International University
・Spoken at Game Developer Conference "CEDEC 2018" by the founders.
・Developed and launched the blockchain game "CRYPTONINJA" Ethereum version as a full on-chain app.
・Partnership with Blockchain Platform IOST/IOS Foundation and Dapp Development
・Partnership with blockchain platform FLETA in Korea.
・developed the AI chatbot customer service system
2017 ・Developed and launched "EverSeminar", an automated webinar system .
・CManage issuance and promotion of ERC20 compliant Etherium token.
・Web system development for marketing
2016 ・Digital Contents Expo NAGOYA 2016 Contest Web Entry System Development
・Commissioned development of a web payment management system for a CG production company
・“Nekoken" action game app for iOS and Android released.
・iOS app for music education "Oto-Kansui Supple" series for all 13 instruments released. Publication)
2015 ・Digital Contents Expo NAGOYA 2015 Contest Web Entry System
・Release of the Word Puzzle SKETON series of puzzle apps for iOS and Android (-2016)
2014 ・Digital Contents Expo NAGOYA 2014 Contest Web Entry System Development

※Prior to 2016, the company was a private business