Onkan Supplement Series

From Akashibu Music Publishing, New App for wind instrument players who actually hate tuning! Akashibu Music Publishing, which has released various projects in the wind instrument industry, has released a long-awaited tuning application!
New functions not found in conventional tuners will support your musical life.

Description Tuning is important for wind instruments, but in fact many students have questions and worries. This app is the first of its kind in the world, developed from the standpoint of cognitive science, to help sort out and train the meaning of the sense of tune.
An extensive tutorial that describes how to operate the app and how tuning works.

2.Brain tuner
The tuner's reference tone uses the tone of the instrument. The instrument-specific reference tones can be selected (3 for each). Use the recording function to check your pitch objectively. Based on the tutorial, you can understand how tuning is directly related to music.

3. 13 tone library
Wind instruments do not always produce the correct sound even if the fingering is correct. Here, you can check the 13 main notes of an octave on the spot, without using a piano or electronic instruments.

4.Single-note listening
You can check your own sense of sound through 1-3. Follow the pronounced tones to enhance your sense of sound.

5. Rhythm check
Rhythm and sound sense both require the same attention. Here, you can record the metronome sound and your own performance at the same time to check for any discrepancies in rhythm.

Planning Composition Explanation Kazutaka Kawai
Produced and written by Akashibu Score Publishing
Distributed by: Eversystems Inc.