3rd Generation・Platform Game

Okay, first, there are mainly two actions you do in CryptoNinja. One is Attack and the other is Guard! To attack, you need to deploy your own Ninja to sneak into other players’ castle and get the treasure, EverGold (EG)! To guard, on the other hand, you need to customize your castles by setting traps, and drive other Ninjas away! Ninjas and Castles are created by blockchain technologies so that they will never be illegally deleted nor stolen! Isn’t it wonderful?

Play Crypto Ninja:CRYPTO NINJA Official Website

Advantages of the IOST platform

We previously release the Ethereum version of this Dapp, but there was a mining cost for each play, which the player was forced to pay. On the other hand, the IOST version can be played with only a small IOST deposit, greatly improving the user experience of the user.

Furthermore, IOST has a fast transaction processing speed. Ethereum was slow, taking tens of seconds, but now the program for the IOST blockchain can write results to the blockchain within a few seconds. Since it is based on JavaScript and can be described more flexibly and freely than Solidity in Ethereum, the process of purchasing assets with original token (in-game currency) can be described in a natural way, and as a result it also became possible to make a simpler program.