IOST, THESEUS and Ever System Inc. jointly develop block chain game with next generation platform IOST

Eversystem Co., Ltd. , which develops a block chain games platform jointly with IOST. Aim for launch in the first half of 2019.

What is challenging about Dapps games ?

Applying block chain technology to games is a real challenge but also users can control items of the game by them self, users basically purchase items prepared by the game developer or owner. in general it is difficult to prove that users own a certain item, but with block chain games user manage their assets and items by them self, it is totally secure and trusted process.

However, current applications suffer from issues like transaction speed and dependence on certain wallet applications.

<The game we developed Jointly>

Our game CryptoNinja which is the game we developed based on ethereum block chain and smart contract, ethereum has many problems not solved yet, for example usability.

Therefore we decided to go for next generation block chain platform IOST, and take the advantages that users don’t have to pay gas fees, with IOST trading or transaction speed is faster than ethereum. so we decided to go for IOST

Future prospect

Pre-registration for CryptoNinja game at Ethereum exceeded 1,300 users, we believe this is great reaction. with the next generation of Dapps, we plan to achieve 10,000 users within the first half of 2019.

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